Fury of the BattleMechs

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 1999
images from Blizzard's site
Narrator: Chris Alexander
Human Players: Chris Alexander (BattleTech) and Erick Lee (Protoss)
Computer Players: None
Version: Broodwar v 1.05 with BattleTech CWAD
Map: Showdown, 64x192

Note: The BattleTech CWAD changes the statistics of the Terran units to be a different race entirely!

We agreed before the battle to start with zealots vs. elementals to see what would happen.  I constructed a pair of forward bunkers, but they were in the wrong place and didn't prove too useful.  Some elementals I was sending to the bunkers encountered his attack forces of about 12 zealots.  They skirmished a few times and ended up distracting his zealots while I built more forces.  When I finally had 12 elementals of my own they attacked and killed the weakened zealots before they got around to reaching my base.  Then I sent my elementals to attack him, but they were beaten by his defending zealots.  Neither of us could get past the other's home ground advantage, which was what we expected.  However, he stopped concentrating on zealots and started moving up the tech tree.  This allowed my elementals to overwhelm the base he was trying to build in the center.

I built an expansion then tried to rally my elementals for another attack.  At this point he attacked me with dark templars.  I discovered that elementals with comsat could not beat dark templars, since the templars would simply leave until the comsat wore off and the slow, short ranged elementals could do nothing to stop them.  Also, he was mostly attacking with single dark templars to really make the comsat hopeless.  I desperately started cranking out Light Mechs while he hunted down my elementals.  I also floated a command center to my island expansion.  He tried to kill my bunkers with a dark templar, but I vaporized him with a comsat.  "I thought that might be a mistake," commented Erick.

Once I had a force of Light Mechs they could deal with the dark templars by using the comsat.  It was lucky Erick didn't have too many dark templars, as I was rather sluggish in building Science Platforms.  My light mechs attacked his expansion, which was defended with photon cannons, zealots, dragoons, and templars.  I was most impressed by my light mechs' ability to survive the psi storms, and they were very good at killing the templars in retribution.  After three exciting battles of light mechs vs. expansion, I finally overwhelmed his defenses.  I was getting better at dodging his psi storms and I had a science platform to shut down his dark templars.  This was the turning point of the game.  My mechs then destroyed his other ground expansion then moved on to his home base.  His reaver gave me some anxious moments, but fortunately it had no scarabs.  I skirted past most of his photon cannons and tried to pick off his probes, but he gathered them into a shuttle.  My few remaining mechs, badly damaged by this point, were destroyed by dark templars (he had scared off my science platform with corsairs).

At this point my resource advantage was too much to beat.  Once his observer spotted my Heavy BattleMechs marching on his base, he knew the game was up.  He had nothing to stop the big Mechs from killing his base, and nothing to stop my Aerospace Fighters from killing his island expansion.  Victory was mine!

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