BattleTech CWAD

Author: Chris Alexander
Requires: StarDraft and Broodwar
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This CWAD only affects the statistics for the Terran players. Here is a summary of the changes from Chris:

Very fragile, but powerful concussive firepower. Not too practical against ranged units. The key is to have lots if you use them. Say, 48. They are cheap and quick to build and supply. [Josh: these really are ment to be put in bunkers]
Pretty tough, good firepower, but stupid AI.
Medic Intended not to built. In return, all the biological units heal naturally. However if you do manage to build them, optic flare costs 10 mana and restoration costs 5 mana.
Light Mechs/Locust
Like vultures, but lots mightier. Still do concussive damage though. May not be broodlinged. Spider Mines are expensive to research and do less damage, but are much tougher which is handy in several ways.
(Tanks in tank mode)
Short ranged but heavy explosive firepower. Good against large units like Mechs or buildings. May not be broodlinged.
Long Toms
(Tanks in siege mode)
Very long range, but no splash damage (not necessarily a disadvantage!). May not be broodlinged.
Heavy BattleMechs
Generally good units, lots of armor, ok firepower, good range, and efficient to repair.
Aerospace Fighters
Generally capable air units. Pretty tough, long range, mediocre firepower.
Valkyrie Bombers
Can drop a devastating, wide area bomb attack at close range on ground targets. Reloading in combat is impractical, so you retreat them after the bombing run. Not very tough, another reason to run away after the bombing run. [Josh asks how that was implemented] The cool down time is very, very long. You thought devourers were long, but this is really long.
The also have a long range air attack but since Valkyries are so fragile they are not that effective except against mutalisks (and things that don't fight back).
Anti-Mech Infantry
Lots of long range firepower, and nuclear missiles, but not too tough and no other special powers. Unless you spend a LOT of resources.
Science Platform
(Science Vessel)
Great sight range and detection range. They can be given special abilities, but it costs a lot.
Bunkers Take quite a long time to build, but they are cheap and quite tough. They don't repair as efficiently in combat, but they don't need it as much since they are tough.
Missile Turrets Fragile, but firepower is most impressive.
Dropships Expensive, but much tougher against low damage attack and they hold an impressive 4 BattleMechs.
Star Cruisers
Stupendously expensive, but longer ranged than guardians and very, very tough. Ground fire rate is mediocre, but anti-air is impressively fast.
Factories and science centers build more quickly.
Factories, engineering bays, and academies are cheaper.

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