In Development

We first started with a Fantasy Role Playing Game design. We backpack every year, and the High Sierras are very inspirational. Unfortunately, the project is very ambitious. There is so much to a vast world, deep story, multiple rendering engines (software & hardware, indoor & outdoor), a combat system, a tactical artificial intelligence, and all the other components we would want in a complete RPG. It makes more sense to take half of the necessary technology and make a game out of that. A game we can finish. A game to establish ourselves with.

Well, we considered the other ideas we'd had and one stood out. So now we are working on an Interstellar Strategy Game. It will be simultaneous turn-based, have 3d graphics (using OpenGL), support both single and multiplayer, and has one quite original twist. Our goal from the start was to develop the technology for reuse in several games. The groundwork we had established for the Fantasy RPG has formed the basis for the ISG.

When the ISG is done, its graphics technology (which will be focused on level-of-detail issues) will be augmented with a more sophisticated visibility system and enhanced animation facilities. Other technology, such as the scripting language, asset and resource system, networking, and user interface logic will be reused with fewer changes. We'd love to have all the technology in place so that we can produce games much more rapidly, easily supporting several platforms. And have more time to make the games deep and well balanced.

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