Josh's Image Gallery

Most of these images were created using Fractint, a fractal generation program, POV-Ray, a raytracing program, or both. Click on a thumbnail to get a larger version of the picture. All images are (C) copyright Josh Levenberg. Please do not use these images without permission.

The most recent image is for the MGSA T-Shirt.

Torus into 8

This shows several frames of an animation of a punctured torus deforming into a figure 8.

Triple Torus Cover

This shows a tripple cover of the torus with a cross section removed.


This is a rendering of a 3 dimensional projection of a Julia set computed using quaternions.


This was a Valentine's Day gift at one point...

Stained Glass

This is a work in progress to make a stained glass window. Uses the new atmospheric effects of POV 3.0.


This is several Julia Sets stacked on top of each other, rendered as a 3d model.


This is a rendering of the Hopf Fibration of the 3-sphere. From an animation of mine.


This is an exploding cube.


Notice the atmosphere? This planet was rendered using POV 3.0 Beta

Color Newton

This plots the behavior of Newton's method to find the 5 fifth roots of 1 in the complex plane.

Lambda Julia

This is a Lambda Julia set colored according to the argument of the last iterated value.

Quaternion 2

A couple of views of a two and a three dimensional slice of a quaternion Julia set.

Kira's Birthday Fractal

A Phoenix fractal. I smoothed the color transitions by averaging several pictures with different bailout values.

MGSA T-Shirt Design

The Reeb Foliation of the 3-Sphere. The limitations of silkscreening forced me to come up with clever method of shading. Over 200 hours of rendering and a lot of Photoshop work were used to get this wood-cut effect.

Single Image Stereogram

I'll let it be a surprise...

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