Death and Rebirth

Date: Sat, 5 June 1999
images from Blizzard's site
Narrators: Josh and Jeff
Human Players: Jeff Robbins (Random/Zerg), Josh Levenberg (Random/Protoss), and Jessica Manning (Protoss)
Computer Players: Three (one Zerg, Terran, and Protoss)
Version: Broodwar v 1.05
Map: Azure Plains, 128x96

Jessica is my step sister; she's about 12 years old. She's a beginner, so I was worried about protecting her from the initial rush. We had started a game against four computer opponents (on the map Nightshade), but when I couldn't protect her, we started over. Well, we started over after Jeff cleaned his mouse and I fixed some sound problems.

With everything straightened out in the new game, and a hint to Jessica (make lots of peons, a gateway or two, and lots of zealots), we were set. Jeff started in the upper right (at about 1 o'clock), Jessica at the lower left (7 o'clock), and I started at the lower right (5 o'clock). I decided to make three gateways and crank out zealots. Jeff eventually decided to make mutalisks (he thinks this was a mistake given that he only had one geyser). Jessica (a bit slowly) made zealots as well. Of course, the Protoss cpu decided to attack Jessica. I had stationed four zealots there, but they were merely a distraction while I brought my forces from my base. Jessica's forces did help kill a few of the attacking zealots, but most of the work was performed by my main force (about 12 zealots) when it arrived. Jeff meanwhile defended himself with lots of sunken colonies.

After the rescue, I had most of my forces left, so I launched a counter attack against the Protoss. They were starting an expansion, which fell pretty quickly, except it gave time for the other computer players to aid. My forces survived and proceeded to attack the protoss main base (at the left / 9 o'clock). I slowly tore down the base, every once in a while having to fight off rescue attempts by the terrans. Eventually my attack fizzled, but only after almost completely eliminating the Protoss from the game.

I, in the meantime, had been a little lax in my scouting. After finding all of the enemy bases, I had simply pulled all of my overlords back over my base and proceeded to build up a force of peons and sunkens. When I finally did decide to expand to the base directly ouside of my starting location, I found after a couple of tries that I couldn't get enough of a mutalisk force to secure the position, because the zerg or the terrans would quickly come in with hydralisks and marines, and wipe out the fledgeling base. So I began a long process of expanding with sunken colonies. While this did eventually succeed in securing the expansion, I wasn't really making any troops during this time, and so couldn't ally effectively with Jessica and Josh.

I merrily produced hordes of zealots, but I had much less success attacking the Terrans than the Protoss. I did do a nice chunk of damage to an expansion, but they had high ground with tanks in seige mode. In retrospect I should have conserved my forces and used them defensively while grabbing the expansion outside my base. When I did decide to shift gears and expand, I didn't have quite enough forces. In particular, I was distracted by climbing up the tech tree instead of continuing to crank out zealots (though I needed the minerals to expand as well).

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