Bloodbath at the Hidden Shrine

Date:Wed, 24 Mar 1999
images from Blizzard's site
Narrator:Christopher Alexander
Human Players:Christopher Alexander (Protoss) and Erick Lee (Terran)
Computer Players:Protoss, Terran, (Super) Zerg
Version:Normal Starcraft with Super-Zerg
Map:Hidden Shrine, 128x128

1st Battle: We decided to play against the Super-Zerg, a StarDraft modification which improves the statistics of all Zerg units.  My strategy was to rush to Reavers, while Erick started with heavy Marines.  My race to Reavers left me relatively defenseless, so I was caught with only two Photon Cannons when the Terrans hit me with an early group of Marines.  After killing the cannons, the remaining 5 Marines started shooting up my Cybernetics Core.  Before they could finish I build a Reaver.  Once I had my first scarab I very carefully targeted the center Marine and managed to blow them all up with one shot!  Meanwhile, Erick just barely beat off the first attack (zerg I think), then sent his Marines out to attack the Terrans, who were between us.  While his Marines were away from his base, the Protoss hit him with an awfully large number of Zealots.  He managed to blow up his own Bunker with his Seige Tank and his defenses crumbled.  I shuttled over a Reaver and saved him by sniping at the remaining Zealots until all were dead.  All of his Marines were killed by the Terrans and he had virtually no SCV's, so my Reavers started slowly demolishing the Terran base.  Unfortunately, a godawful number of Super-Hydralisks then swarmed Erick's base.  If was quite disheartening to see a direct scarab hit into the center of the Zerg force score zero kills.  His base was overwhelmed in short order and we lost the game.

2nd Battle: This time I was hit with a 3 Zealot rush when I had no defenses at all.  I finally fought it off by building a couple Photon Cannons and a Zealot, but I ended up losing the cannons and my Forge.  I successfully build a Reaver, but then I was hit with a triple-team and totally destroyed.
3rd Battle: I vowed that this time, I would defend myself properly.  I build 4 Zealots and 6 Photon Cannons and laughed off the initial Terran attack.  Erick had accidentally left the computer opponents on random so there were 2 Terrans and one Zerg.  The other two players attacked Erick but he defended himself successfully.  I began practicing my Reaver Drops on the opponents; Erick took a center expansion but I was too busy.  When my 2 Reavers + Shuttle dropped on the Zerg, Erick sent 3 Seige Tanks and 12 Marines to help out.  The computer players banded together and responded with massive force, crushing all of our units.  This didn't bother me too much, but Erick was left with inadequate forces as the computer began a relentless attack against him.  After a great battle my Reavers took out the central computer expansions.  During this time the computer twice attacked me with large Seige Tank forces, but both times I quickly resrponded with dropped Reavers and only lost one Photon Cannon each time (plus some badly damaged buildings).  Unfortunately, endless waves of Seige Tanks were slowly defeating Erick, while I still had no expansion, so we decided to concede the game.  Maybe next time we shouldn't bother with the Super-Zerg; we seemed to be having enough trouble with the regular opponents.  Erick complained bitterly about the lack of Medics in original Starcraft; I agree that it really hurts the Terrans.

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